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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android Shooter Games.

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Of paled pearls and rubies red as blood;....
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<p>Turbine's Batman: Arkham Underworld is now available worldwide after its previous soft launch.</p><p>In this day and age with 100,000 Batman games flitting about the market the big question is how do you stand out? The answer: don't do a Batman game. Do Batman: Arkham Underworld instead and play as the villain for a change.</p><p>Craftily launched a month ahead of the eagerly-awaited action film Suicide Squad, in Batman: Arkham Underworld you play as Gotham's biggest, baddest super-villains to rise to the top of the criminal underworld. Play as villains such as Harley Quinn, Killer Croc and The Riddler and build the best base, raise the nastiest army and face off against Batman to become the ultimate crime lord.</p><p>Get Batman: Arkham Underworld now for free on iTunes.</p>....
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"Leslie, dearest, stop blaming yourself. You are NOT hateful or jealous or envious. The life you have to live has warped you a little, perhaps-but it would have ruined a nature less fine and noble than yours. I'm letting you tell me all this because I believe it's better for you to talk it out and rid your soul of it. But don't blame yourself any more."...
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Space Heads Mod Space Heads v1.4.1.0 mod Features:Unlimited coins,unlimited diamonds.Nisl Games and Unity Studios present Space Heads, a fun packed Manga-inspired spaceship runner. Choose a pilot, and complete exciting missions by flying a spaceship through tunnels filled with gems, collectables and dangerous obstacles. The game challenges your speed and coordination skills, while giving you a story to unlock about a group of friends, who constantly challenges themselves to do the impossible. Become a part of this team, become a Space Head champion – enjoy the action! Space Heads will keep you entertained, whenever you need a break. Feature list · Choose between original Space Heads pilots and their spaceships · Maneuver your spaceship up-down, left-right and tap to flip it sideways! · Experience challenging missions · Upgrade your Space Ship with various enhancements · Collect or buy gems and life pods, so you can boost your journey a little longer · Evade a variety of dangerous obstacles throughout your flight! · The more time you race, the faster it will go. Try to hang on! · Compare your scores with your Facebook friends · Unlockable pilots and comic strips · Record your flight and share the video with your friends! · Graphics inspired by the Japanese anime film ‘Tekkon kinkurîto'...