Makeup Master: Beauty SalonMOD (One Hit, God Mode) v3.11.0

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Game features:


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Game play:


2、Good news for anyone who loves MU Origin - Webzen have just released their very first update for the real time MMORPG game on iOS and Android devises.Loaded with great new features, the new update brings with it guild v guild content in the “Loren Castle Siege” – letting you take on other guilds to win rewards. You’ll also be treated to a brand new pet system, aiding you in battles by summoning pets to enhance your own strength, by utilising their powers with insignias.And if that wasn’t enough, the update also allows more room for player inclusion – bringing a sense of community to the game, with features including the party dungeon “Labyrinth of Dimensions”, that allows you to come together as a community to slay the dreaded “Death Beholder”, and great new guild activities that include guild bosses, and access to the guild shop.You’ll also be treated to an all new game level cap which sees the new cap raised to 8, and a new maximum rebirth level of 100.�

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