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<p>Clash of Clans needs to be steadily updated with new content to keep its massive user base interested. Supercell has been really good on that front and today's update proves it once again.</p><p>So what's new?</p><p>First up, you'll find two new spells, one letting you summon an army of skeletons, the other creating fake clones of your units to distract the enemy.</p><p>You can also play with two new units including The Miner which goes underground and the Baby Dragon, a unit that player will recognize from Clash Royale who's better when no air units are around.</p><p>Finally, a new major system has been added: Friendly Battles. That's right, you can now battle your friends without losing your army. This could be useful to train your army, try new strategies or even just for fun.</p><p>Everything's live now in Clash of Clans so go forth and conquer!</p><p>[Source]</p>.

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