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<p>Zoink Games is bringing its sticker-slapping PC and console puzzle-adventure Stick It To The Man to iOS.</p><p>We don't have a release date on it yet. But we do know it'll be the exact same game as before with the change being the addition of touch controls.</p><p>So you can expect to play as a guy called Ray who, after an accident, finds he has a pink spaghetti arm hanging out of his brain.</p><p>With it, he is able to change the world around him, which is made out of stickers and paper. He is also able to use this head-arm to read other peoples' minds.</p><p>It should be a good fit for iOS as the touchscreen functionality means you can use your fingers to strip away and slap stickers to the 2D environments.</p>.

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com.sigmateam.Beat The

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