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Updated at 13:35 on March 19th 2015: It seems there was some confusion in the translation from the Japanese presser.<p>A new press release says that Square Enix has only confirmed Final Fantasy Grandmasters for Japan in 2015 at the moment.</p><p>Hopefully, it will head west at some point.</p>Original story follows...<p>Square Enix has announced a new RPG called Final Fantasy Grandmasters for iOS and Android.</p><p>It's a spin-off RPG that takes place in Vana'diel - the same world as Final Fantasy XI (which is also heading to mobile).</p><p>It's meant as a lighthearted title that will allow you to further explore Vana'diel with friends online.</p><p>As such, you'll be able to emote while chatting before heading off to locations seen in XI, either alone or as a group.</p><p>You'll fight a bunch of familiar monsters, collect gear for your character, and gain new abilities with experience. There's also the chance to fly around Vana'diel.</p><p>For the most part, Grandmasters can be considered a cute, mobile version of Final Fantasy XI, to be honest.</p><p>It will be beta-tested in Japan starting next month.</p>Siliconera.

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