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Since SEGA Forever's launch last year we've seen a roster of awesome titles go free to play, and launch, on iOS and Android, but Super Monkey Ball may be one of the most exciting ones yet. GOAL! ??#SEGAForever— SEGA Forever (@SEGAForever) May 15, 2018 If you've no idea what I'm chattering about, Super Monkey Ball is a platform party Gamecube title where you have to guide your monkey (in a ball) through a series of platform levels by tilting the floor. Though the levels aren't particularly long, you've got a bunch of obstacles standing between you and the goal.From this currently unreleased Android listing, SMB: Sakura Edition, it appears we're skipping out on multiplayer. However, we're still getting four monkeys to choose from, 125 mazes to work through, six worlds, and four additional mini games.None of this is confirmed just yet, but SEGA Forever's tweet yesterday and the Android listing above make it pretty hard to deny that Super Monkey Ball is returning to mobile..

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